Hello world!

This is a site about my family, our health, our eating, and our lives.  We have been gluten-free for almost a year and I have been gluten-free (GF) for almost 2 years, I think.  I have the celiac gene (HLA-DQ2) and haven’t been able to tolerate milk since birth.  Both of my kids, Riley and Ryder, are the same way.  My husband, Ryan, is gluten sensitive.   And even though we have problems with cow’s milk, we never completely cut this out.  My kids drink almond milk, but we intake cheese (my favorite food I believe), yogurt, and other dairy items.  So overall, we have made some major changes in the way we eat.  And we are Gluten Free ….. or so I thought.

I have been reading all the new articles lately about gluten-free including all grains.  OK, grain free is way different.  No corn, no rice, no beans, no soy, etc.  Is this true?  Is this why we don’t feel as wonderful as we thought we would? Don’t get me wrong, things are better but….. Is this why we still have stomach issues and bloating?  Is this why I can’t shake my fatigue?  Is this contributing to my brain fog and mental functionality?

I have never been one to shy away from change, granted I don’t usually like the transition period, but I am always looking to improve myself, my life, and my family’s lives.  So, I’m on a mission to continue my research on what our diet – no LIFESTYLE –  should look like.  I will cite references, blogs, and website I am reviewing.  And hopefully, I can come up with a better solution for our family.

I would love to hear from you.  I think it is a great world that we live in where we have the ability to share thoughts and ideas with people from around the world.  Tell me what you think and it will be a journey together!

Cheers, Mama Mordecai